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Asset-Management by Uni Apart.
We will take care of it.

For years we have been taking over the operation and management of student housing complexes and co-living properties for our buyers, which we have planned and built ourselves. We also use this wealth of experience for external management contracts for large properties built by others. The knowledge we gain during management is directly incorporated into the planning and construction of new properties.

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Asset Management Asset Management - Planung
Asset Management - Verwaltung

Our WEG management includes:

Fiduciary management of WEG funds

Legal representation of the owners

Management of the overall business plans as well as individual business plans per individual property

Conducting ongoing inspections of the structural condition of the common property.

Create and keep the accounting

Management of the complete contract management

Prepare and conduct owners' meetings

Initiation and control of ongoing maintenance and servicing measures

Supervision and instruction of service staff such as cleaning and janitors

Expert support and advice


The management and leasing of special property includes with us:

Search and selection of tenants

Support of the professional rental platform

Record the handover of the apartment when moving in

Logging of the apartment acceptance when moving out

Monitoring compliance with house rules

Active management of service charges

Communication with tenants

Coordination, monitoring and billing of repairs

Coordinate and monitor cosmetic repairs

Monitoring of rental income and ancillary costs

Deposit management

Rental pool management


Your advantages at Uni Apart:

  •  Protection through rental pool
  •  Holistic management and care of the properties and their residents
  •  Direct link between project development and property management
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