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Invest in construction projects. With sense and understanding.

Real estate is still a commodity in which you can invest well and with a clear conscience - if you know the right partners at your side. With the Uni Apart Group you have the following investment options:

  •  New construction projects
  •  Returns from existing properties
  •  Global sales in forward deal1 for family offices and institutional investors (of new construction projects)
To our current offers

1 A forward deal is the purchase of a turnkey property to be built at the expense of the seller. This form of contract enables the purchaser to secure the property at an early stage. At the same time, the seller can be sure of having a buyer immediately after completion of the property. This means that any financial resources that become available can be used again.

Investieren in Bauprojekte

We employ highly trained experts, therefore the time from the precise initial assessment to the decision to invest is very short and absolutely binding.
Alexander Orthmann

Alexander Orthmann
Managing Partner
Uni Apart Gruppe

Profit as an investor.

Uni Apart Group is a successful project developer for student housing, micro apartments and upscale living. As such, we regularly offer interested investors new opportunities for good investments.

Uni Apart student apartments, for example, offer plenty of advantages for all parties involved. For capital investors, a Uni Apart student apartment is an economically attractive and organizationally convenient investment: the purchase price for a fully furnished apartment is more than fair and our all-round carefree package eliminates all rental and administrative tasks for the investors. But the most important thing: Neither buyers nor tenants incur additional costs when signing the contract.

All advantages at a glance.

    •  Stable and sustainable cash flow
    •  Central, professional management function through Uni Apart
    •  beneficial peculiarities in the law of tenancy
    •  lower risk of loss of rent thanks to active marketing
    •  Niche market requiring special expertise, i.e. high barriers to entry, no prompt flooding of the market with equivalent offerings
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