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Uni Apart as a Service Developer.

Your Vision and Our Expertise for Your Success.

In today's constantly evolving market environment, it is crucial to flexibly respond to changing requirements and expectations. Previous project participants drop out of project financing, and the risk of a Non-Performing Lead (NPL) increases, disrupting the balance.

This is where we come in.

We act as Service Developers, an extended arm for your micro-living project/student apartment, developing usage concepts as well as building rights and coordinating all project participants until successful completion. After handover, we take over the operation with our professional 360° Asset Approach Management, contributing to sustainable development.

Service Developer Uniapart Group

Your Benefits at a Glance:

Icon Growth

Efficiency Improvement

As Service Developers, we develop tailored solutions to optimize the processes of your real estate development. This leads to more efficient implementation of construction projects and shortens the time to completion.

Icon Target Audience Orientation

Target Audience Orientation

We ensure that real estate projects meet the needs and expectations of end customers. This increases customer satisfaction and can positively impact the sale or rental of properties. Our special expertise lies in micro-living/modern living and especially in student apartment complexes.

Icon Technological Innovation

Technological Innovation

We gladly bring fresh ideas and innovative technologies into real estate development, leading to advanced solutions to enhance the competitiveness of your project.

Icon Risk Minimization

Risk Minimization

We contribute to identifying and minimizing risks in your real estate project. This protects you from unexpected challenges and costs.

Icon Sustainable Asset Management

Sustainable Asset Management

For the successful execution of our Service Development assignment, it is essential, in our understanding, to seamlessly transition to our management company, addressing all issues crucial for the value-optimized operation of your property.

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