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Orthmann Green Power (OGP) - for your home.
For the supply of future energy.

In today's time, it is important to break free from the dependence on fossil fuels, as the costs of this dependence are economically and ecologically unsustainable. Better options are energy concepts that rely on renewable sources. With Orthmann Green Power, we, as contractors, provide an opportunity to access renewable energies. For example, the green house in Neu-Ulm is supplied with over 60 % of its power from the in-house solar installation. Additionally, we offer services such as the installation and operation of sustainable heating systems, using heat pumps, for instance.

Our Vision.

To address the challenges of our time, Orthmann Green Power (OGP) offers a sustainable solution for obtaining energy from renewable sources.

Our goal is to optimize your energy supply and provide you with an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to conventional electricity and heat supply. With Orthmann Green Power, you can actively contribute to environmental protection without having to give up the conveniences of modern life. We transform your home or business building into a sustainable and energy-efficient place for the future.

Orthmann Green Power - Das grüne Haus Orthmann Green Power
Orthmann Green Power - Solaranlagen

Our Services.

Concept Development

We offer comprehensive solutions for the development and modernization of your property. From energy-efficient building concepts to sustainable renovations, we focus on advanced asset development that aligns sustainability with progressive and innovative design.

Contracting for Renewable Energies

As an experienced contractor, we facilitate easy access to renewable energies. We integrate sustainable energy solutions to supply your property with green energy. We take care of conception, design, maintenance, and operation, providing you with long-term supply at an agreed fixed price (e.g., within a PPA).

Tailored Solutions for Commercial and Residential Properties

Whether it's commercial or residential properties, we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We assist in modernization to ensure not only energy efficiency but also economic profitability.

Future-oriented Energy Concepts

Orthmann Green Power relies on advanced technologies and innovative concepts to shape a sustainable energy future. We provide comprehensive advice on the best strategies for utilizing renewable energies in your property.

At Orthmann Green Power, we take pride in offering our customers a sustainable and forward-thinking energy solution. We would be delighted to have you as a partner for a clean, green energy future.

Your contact person.

What we implement to create a sustainable future.

Das grüne Haus® - For living and life

Das grüne Haus®, a pioneer in environmental friendliness and sustainability, takes a significant step towards climate neutrality. The name is not just a slogan, but also reflects the green philosophy that is consistently implemented throughout our operation.

The construction is characterized by the use of rapidly renewable resources, which serve as the basis for efficient thermal and sound insulation. The use of these materials not only contributes to environmentally friendly construction but also has a positive impact on the CO2 balance. The high degree of prefabrication of the facade elements ensures excellent execution quality and also goes hand in hand with a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The innovative wood-hybrid construction saves an impressive 70 tons of CO2 per year. The connection to the district heating network of the city of Neu-Ulm is part of the energy concept as an environmentally friendly heat supply.

Orthmann Green Power - Das grüne Haus Orthmann Green Power
Orthmann Green Power - Solarenergie

On-site PV electricity generation

Our sustainable orientation is also evident in the intelligent use of roof areas. A comprehensive photovoltaic system with storage capability has been installed to generate a significant portion of the required electricity on-site. This measure not only contributes to independence from external energy sources but also plays a key role in the fight against climate change. Sustainable energy generation through the photovoltaic system is further evidence of our commitment to environmental protection.

Climate-friendly heat generation

The future of heat supply undoubtedly lies in sustainable technologies such as district heating and heat pumps. The holistic consideration of these systems not only enables efficient heat generation but also makes a crucial contribution to global climate protection. To accelerate the transition to sustainable heat supply, we at Uni Apart Group have decided to switch to these two alternatives in our construction projects in the future. Our pioneer in this area is Das grüne Haus® on Ring in Neu-Ulm. Here, we already have a connection to the district heating network of the city of Neu-Ulm. Furthermore, since 2015/2017, we have been exclusively using climate-neutral electricity and gas (certified) in all our properties. Switching to environmentally friendly heat supply alternatives is an integral part of our energy concept.

Expansion of our charging network

There are more public electric charging points per registered car in Ingolstadt than in any other German city. This is evident from the data of the Federal Network Agency and the Federal Motor Transport Authority, which the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) has compared. And Uni Apart Group also wants to contribute to creating a more sustainable future by offering several available charging stations that are freely usable by anyone.

We started with three electric vehicle charging stations at our location in Schlüterstraße 3b. In addition, there will soon be an expansion of three more charging stations at our location in Neuburgerstraße 55. This measure is part of our commitment to support environmentally friendly mobility and provide comprehensive charging infrastructure.

Our vehicle fleet is going electric

Switching to electric vehicles is more than just a change in the fleet; it is a commitment to environmental protection, innovation, and forward-thinking. Electric mobility offers not only a more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative for transportation but also paves the way for technological advancements and innovations.

By integrating electric vehicles into our fleet, we not only reduce our CO2 emissions but also actively support the transition to renewable energies.

Together, we are shaping a future where mobility is not only efficient and progressive but also environmentally friendly. With our first fully electric vehicle, the ID3, we have sent a clear signal to switch to electric vehicles in the future and make our vehicle fleet sustainable.

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