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We Embrace Sustainability

True to the motto Shaping the Future the Uni Apart Group has joined the DGNB, the German Sustainable Building Council, as a member. The association actively advocates for more sustainability in the construction and real estate industry, with over 2,300 member organizations to date. The DGNB is an independent non-profit association founded in 2007, evolving into Europe's largest network for sustainable building. Through its members, the association covers the entire value chain in the construction and real estate industry.

With this, we aim to make a commitment to change the status quo in the construction and real estate industry in diverse ways. At Uni Apart Group, we want to take responsibility and contribute to making sustainability and climate protection the new standard. We want to be part of the solution and demonstrate ways to align these standards with the construction and real estate industry.

With the project Das grüne Haus® am Ring, the Uni Apart Group has already successfully implemented a sustainable new construction project. In addition to a wood-hybrid construction, it includes features such as a photovoltaic system on the roofs and connection to the district heating network of the city of Neu-Ulm, forming part of the sustainable and ecological housing concept.

In times of increasing environmental awareness and ecological responsibility, it is crucial for us to consistently continue our path in this direction. This commitment extends across all phases of our projects, from development to realization and ongoing operation. Our goal is not only to meet existing standards but also to think a step further and actively contribute to the sustainable design of our construction projects and existing buildings.

We place a heightened focus on integrating more sustainable products. This comprehensive approach extends beyond just considering material properties, encompassing the entire supply chain to ensure that ecological and social aspects are equally considered. This approach spans the entire lifecycle of our buildings.

Sustainability - DGNB Mitglied Logo
Sustainability - Das grüne Haus
Sustainability - Uniapartgruppe

However, our commitment goes beyond the construction phase. We thoroughly explore how the building can be not only sustainably constructed but also operated sustainably in the long term. This involves analyzing innovative technologies and concepts that ensure energy efficiency, resource conservation, and environmental compatibility. The focus is on finding solutions that go beyond the current zeitgeist and contribute to a sustainable future.

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