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What is the spirit of the Uni Apart Group for you - Daniel Kitzmann?

What is the spirit of the Uni Apart Group for you - Daniel Kitzmann?

What sets apart the Uni Apart Group?

A question whose answer doesn't fit into a single sentence and is more extensive than one might think. With great joy, we are pleased to introduce our newest addition to the team today, Daniel Kitzmann. We asked Daniel three questions that describe him, his role with us, and his understanding of the spirit of the Uni Apart Group. Enjoy reading!

1. What is your area of responsibility, or in which department do you work at the Uni Apart Group?

Since November 2023, I have been responsible as a commercial property manager for the rental and management of student apartments at the Ingolstadt location. I am the point of contact for apartment tenants for any questions or issues. I coordinate maintenance work, move-ins, move-outs, and also handle deposit settlements upon the termination of lease agreements.

2. What makes your role particularly interesting?

The diverse everyday work is what makes the job special for me. Every day is different. As a commercial property manager, there is a lot of office work, but additionally, I am often involved in projects, dealing with appointments for key handovers, inspections, or consultations in our various construction projects. All these tasks make my role particularly varied and interesting.

3. The slogan of the Uni Apart Group is Friends of the House - what do you understand by this, and how do you embody this slogan in your work?

Everything revolves around the house for me. I work every day to provide tenants with the best possible living and comfort experience. Because that's what it's all about: having a home where you feel comfortable. And that's precisely why I can identify myself as a Friend of the House at Uni Apart and proudly convey this conviction outwardly.

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